New camera - Nikon D750

Back in June of 2013 I decided to purchase a D5100, since then I have learnt that I really enjoy photography so it only seemed sensible to upgrade my gear that is exactly what i have done - I have just purchased Nikons recently announced D750.

The D750 is a full frame camera, which is a big upgrade from my entry level D5100 and although I have only had the camera a few days I can already see the benefits of full frame especially the low light capabilities of this camera. Due to the lovely British weather I have been unable to get out of the house mean I have been limited to shooting in crap / low light, however as I have just mentioned the low light capabilities of this camera have blown me away they are not even comparable to my D5100. I have been able to shoot up to ISO 12800 without wanting to immediately delete the image, not so say that its just scraping by, this camera is truly amazing in low light.

As well as purchasing the D750 body I also sold all old lenses (55-300, 40mm 18-55 kit lens and a sigma 10-20). With the money I got I purchased two lenses a 1.8 G 50mm and the 24-85mm, although the 24-85 is really good, the 1.8 50mm has blown me away, it can pretty much see in the dark, the shallow DoF is not always desirable but it gives you that flexibility.

So overall I am very pleased with my purchase and have absolutely no buyer remorseĀ :D I do however need to purchase a tele lens and possibly a macro lens to get back to where I was with my DX setup but I can wait and save up for them.